every day i wake up, and i try, and i strive, to be this
you'll never know me
but you may know my name

carrie yeo.
Is a walking contradiction.

Happy-go-lucky yet emotional.
Over-confident yet suffers from inferiority complex.
Love to sing yet afraid of the stage.
Always hopeful about the future but always living in the present.
Adventurous in bigger life experiences like joining Project Superstar but very cowardly in trivial thrills like monkey bars.

Always fighting with herself in the mind like there are 5 Carrie's in there.

Blogging is a way to straighten out thoughts for her.
Blogging is a way for her to leave clues for herself,
so that in ten years time,
Carrie might start to understand herself better....

driving frees my mind
and so i tweet.

over coffee, we agree...
to disagree.

but there's always help
when you are looking.

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blogging (Thursday, May 19, 2011 / 11:55 AM)

sometimes i get lazy to share what i feel. because i'm skeptical about whether you will understand or be interested in what i have to say. afterall, everyone is talking. who wants to listen to me?

so i seldom blog. in fact, nowadays, i seldom read blogs even.

sigh, i guess, maybe it's an age thing. as i grow older, the more i am sick and tired of people. really want to be left alone with my thoughts sometimes.

oh and there's nothing depressing or emo about this post. it's a zen post.

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